Why Every Business Needs To Know Its Credit Score

Three years ago, I finally took the leap and quit my corporate job to pursue my passion for baking.  I had been saving money for this endeavor for quite some time, but eventually I needed a loan so that I could transfer out of my home kitchen, into my very own shop.

What I was completely unaware of, however, was that my small business had a business credit score.  It turns out that your business credit score is what financial institutions, vendors, and insurance companies reference when making key decisions about the capital, term rates, and types of products you business is entitled to.

Because these scores and factors are not shared or explained to the business themselves, I knew I needed help to access, understand, and improve my score.

I went about searching for a service that would help me take my business to the next level, when I finally came across CreditJet.  I knew immediately that they were the solution for me.  CreditJet sends along your business credit score for free!  From there, their highly experienced team offers insights and ways to improve your score.

Not only was I able to access free credit scores, but also pre-qualified opportunities, and education on business credit in general.

Accessing my business credit score whenever I want through CreditJet has educated and empowered me – allowing me to revolutionize key relationships and put me in the best place to succeed.  I would highly recommend CreditJet to any small business owner!